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Customer Testimonials

  1. I have had numerous success stories with Karen and Enlightened. Enlightened is my true stepping stone into Alternative health and healing. My belief in Karen is so high I became a Holistic Health practioner of many modalities myself. My life has been permantly blessed and altered because of Karen. A simple thank you isn't enough for all she has contributed into my life. She is very knowledgable and understanding, I beleive in her mission and support her and the Center.
    Judy Lagrand
  2. I first went to see Kareana because i was on the brink of death, and now with all her help, I'm healthy, happy and have lots more things to do in this life time, i would not be this far in my progress without her. I'm doing things now that most with a 40 year old spinal cord injury will never do and I have broken the mold for what can be done and achieved and what can heal .
    Micheal N. Mann
  3. I stepped in the doors in late 2009 with a recurring health issue I wasn't able to shake. The doctors did what they could, but really ran out of answers and options. I started utilizing regular pse testing to remedy my condition, not just to live, manage and tolerate it. The results were nothing short of exemplary and eye opening. It was a tremendous relief to see my body respond to the natural remedies and supplements. During the journey with the physical responses, I also sought after the 'why' behind many of the items which came up along the way. This portion proved to be far more introspective and profound. These private meetings have been a wonderful complement to the physical journey which brought me in the doors. I've learned a great deal about health, my physical body and myself. All the while, I've known I was in kind, capable hands and seeing actual benefits and results. I continue to go there for what may ail me these days as my body changes over time. I also go to continue to learn more about myself and to begin to tap into that which is so much more than I ever realized was there. I'm more than grateful to have taken the first step in the doors.
    Stephen Bounardj
  4. After beginning with a FREE Consultation at conveniently-located-in-my-neighborhood Enlightened Healing, I felt confident in Kareana so began sampling the many services offered. Recently widowed I began with PSE sessions and Gift of the Rays healing. I continued with many of the massage, reiki, lymphoma and other services for maintenance then following a car accident greatly benefited from Ondamed (electro-magnetic) sessions. As a compassionate and professional person, Kareana offers the latest in healings, upgrades and her beautiful Rays of the Soul.
    Tee Kasper
  5. Without Karen at Enlightened, I'm not sure where I would stand. She is one-of-a-kind and has the most wonderful gift for naturally healing and balancing peoples body mind and spirit. She is so informative and can give you so many answers to health problems you have had. Thank you for everything you have done for me.
    Lisa Dwyer